Powerful electric scooter with impressive range and modern technology

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  • 1500W motor: high performance and efficiency.
  • 70 km range: Long journeys without frequent charging.
  • Fast charging battery: fully charged in 6 hours.
  • Safety features: disc brakes, LED lighting, IP65.
  • Modern features: USB charging socket, Bluetooth, alarm system.

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Color: Red glossy

45 km/h

Max. speed

70 km



Engine power

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Electric scooter Next 7i – The perfect choice for environmentally friendly mobility

Compact dimensions for optimal handling

The Next 7i electric scooter impresses with its compact dimensions of 165 x 68 x 106 cm (LxWxH). Even when folded, it takes up little space and offers a ground clearance of 14 cm.

Comfortable ride thanks to ideal seat height

With a seat height of 71 cm and a wheelbase of 122 cm, the e-scooter ensures a comfortable and stable ride. The handlebar height is 101 cm and is fixed.

Powerful tires and stable weight

The electric scooter is equipped with robust 2.75 - 10 pneumatic tires and weighs 68 kg including the battery. The maximum load is an impressive 150 kg.

Efficient battery technology for long journeys

The Next 7i electric scooter uses a powerful lithium-ion battery that is fully charged in just 6 hours. With a battery capacity of 20 Ah and an operating voltage of 60 volts, the battery is also easily removable, making charging even easier.

Powerful drive and impressive range

The brushless hub motor of the e-scooter delivers a nominal output of 1500 watts and a torque of 13 Nm. This gives the electric scooter a range of up to 70 km under optimal conditions (22°C and 70 kg payload).

Road legality and safety

The Next 7i electric scooter is approved for road traffic (EEC up to 45 km/h) and can also be used without a driving license (up to 20 km/h or 25 km/h with pedal assistance).

State-of-the-art technologies and security features

The Next 7i is equipped with LED lighting, a hydraulic disc brake at the front and rear, and shock absorbers for a safe and comfortable ride. The e-scooter also has an IP65 protection class.

Additional features for comfort and safety

The electric scooter offers numerous extras such as a USB charging socket, alarm system, immobilizer, cell phone holder, Bluetooth, Bluetooth speakers, helmet compartment, steering wheel lock and Keyless Go. These functions make the Next 7i not only safe, but also particularly comfortable.

The Next 7i electric scooter is the ideal choice for environmentally conscious riders who value comfort, safety and modern technology.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH):

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH): 165x68x106

Ground clearance in cm:

Seat height in cm:

Wheelbase in cm:

Handlebar height in cm:

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches):

Weight (including battery / in kg): 68.0

maximum load in kg: 150

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Note on use

The scooter model is approved throughout Europe under the STVZO. A driving license is required in Germany - from 16 years of age with a class A1, AM driving license; from 18 years of age with any class 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C driving license. If you are purchasing outside of Germany, please check the regulations in your country regarding any driving license requirement.