Chopper S PRO

Powerful electric scooter with 2000 watts and 45 km/h top speed

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  • Motor power 2000W, max. speed 45 km/h
  • Range up to 90 km
  • Incl. mobile phone holder and USB charging socket
  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • EU-wide road legal according to L1e (45 km/h)

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Color: black Matt

45 km/h

Max. speed

90 km


2000 W

Engine power

SXT Scooters

Chopper S PRO

Powerful electric motor for speed and efficiency in electric scooters

Experience the future of urban mobility with the Chopper S PRO electric scooter. With an impressive motor power of 2000 watts, this e-scooter effortlessly reaches a top speed of 45 km/h. Thanks to the legal tolerance of 4 km/h, the e-chopper can accelerate to a GPS-measured speed of up to 49 km/h, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently.

Responsive driving behavior of e-scooters

The E-Harley's powerful electric motor offers responsive handling that navigates you effortlessly through traffic. The 25 Ah lithium battery of the Chopper S PRO electric scooter ensures an impressive range of up to 90 kilometers per charge. Whether you are covering short distances or taking longer trips, this electric scooter will accompany you reliably and ensure worry-free mobility. With a charging time of just 3 to 5 hours, the e-scooter is quickly ready for use again.

Safety and visibility for e-scooters

Safety is a top priority: high-quality disc brakes ensure reliable and precise braking performance in every situation. The Chopper S PRO electric scooter also has modern LED lighting, consisting of a front light, rear light and indicators, which not only ensures optimal visibility day and night, but also gives the e-chopper a modern look. An integrated Bluetooth speaker allows you to play music from your smartphone while driving.

Compact and comfortable design of electric scooters

With dimensions of 1750 mm long (without top case), 810 mm wide (without mirrors) and 1280 mm high (without mirrors), the Chopper S PRO electric scooter offers an optimal compromise between compactness and driving comfort. The light empty weight of 75 kg, including battery, significantly improves the handling and maneuverability of the scooter. The e-scooter is designed for a permissible total weight of 205 kg, so that you can transport additional luggage or shopping safely and comfortably. A matching top case as an accessory offers additional storage space.

Experience electric mobility with e-scooters

Order your Chopper S PRO electric scooter today and enjoy the numerous benefits of this environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transport! Its impressive technical data and high quality make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a modern and reliable e-scooter.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 175x81x128

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH):

Ground clearance in cm: 7

Seat height in cm: 74

Wheelbase in cm: 143

Handlebar height in cm: 114

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches): 13

Weight (including battery / in kg): 75.0

maximum load in kg: 130

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Note on use

ATTENTION: The scooter model is approved throughout Europe under the STVZO. A driving license is required in Germany - from 16 years of age with a class A1, AM driving license; from 18 years of age with any class 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C driving license. If you are purchasing outside of Germany, please check the regulations in your country regarding any driving license requirement.