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Vergleich H10 eKFV und Tito eKFV E-Scooter: Welcher ist der Richtige für Dich?

Comparison of H10 eKFV and Tito eKFV e-scooters: Which is right for you?

Compare the H10 eKFV and Tito eKFV e-scooters from SXT Scooters. Find out which e-scooter better suits your needs based on performance, range, design and additional features.

E-ScooterPraktische Tipps für den Gebrauch und die Pflege von E-Scootern

Practical tips for the use and maintenance of e-scooters

Find out how to properly care for and maintain your e-scooter to extend its lifespan. From battery care and tire maintenance to safety and cleaning tips - we give you practical advice for daily use...

E-ScooterVorstellung des Tito E-Scooters: Der smarte und robuste Begleiter für den urbanen Verkehr

Introducing the Tito e-scooter: The smart and robust companion for urban traffic

The Tito e-scooter from SXT Scooters offers an impressive combination of power and connectivity. With a top speed of 20 km/h, a range of up to 25 km and a robust design, this e-scooter is ideal for...

E-ScooterVorstellung des H10 eKFV E-Scooters: Leistung und Komfort vereint

Introducing the H10 eKFV e-scooter: performance and comfort combined

The H10 eKFV e-scooter from SXT Scooters offers an impressive combination of performance and comfort. With a top speed of 20 km/h, a range of up to 30 km and a sturdy, lightweight frame, this e-sco...

E-ScooterEinführung in die Welt der E-Scooter: Eine nachhaltige und flexible Mobilitätslösung

Introduction to the world of e-scooters: A sustainable and flexible mobility solution

E-scooters offer an environmentally friendly and flexible solution for urban transport. Find out more about their advantages, possible uses and legal framework in Germany.

E-RollerE-Roller im Alltag: Erfahrungsberichte von unseren Kunden

E-scooters in everyday life: Experience reports from our customers

E-scooters are the ideal solution for environmentally friendly and cost-effective mobility in the city. In this article, our customers share their daily experiences with the Yadea G5, G5 S and C1S ...