E-scooters in everyday life: Experience reports from our customers

E-Roller im Alltag: Erfahrungsberichte von unseren Kunden

E-scooters have gained popularity in recent years and have become an integral part of the cityscape. They offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional means of transport. In this post, we share some inspiring testimonials from our customers who enjoy their daily rides on our e-scooters.

Experience report 1: Julia M. from near Potsdam

Julia is 34 years old and lives near Potsdam. She bought a Yadea G5 six months ago and has been using it every day for her commute to work since then.

"I chose the Yadea G5 because I was looking for a sustainable alternative to my car. The e-scooter is not only more environmentally friendly, but also saves me a lot of money. I used to get stuck in traffic jams a lot, but now I can easily ride past the lines of cars. The range of 80 km is enough for several days of commuting, and charging the battery is super easy. The G5 exceeded my expectations and I can only recommend it."

Experience report 2: Alexander K. from near Augsburg

Alexander is 28 years old and uses the Yadea C1S for his daily errands near Augsburg.

"I was initially skeptical about whether an e-scooter would be suitable for me, but the Yadea C1S convinced me. The keyless go system and alarm system give me security, and the hydraulic CBS brakes ensure a safe driving experience. I particularly like that I can park the scooter right in front of my office, which is a huge advantage in Augsburg. The range of 80 km is perfect for my daily trips and I appreciate the environmentally friendly technology. The C1S has become an indispensable part of my everyday life."

Experience report 3: Daniel T. from near Bremen

Daniel, 40 years old, has chosen the powerful Yadea G5 S and uses it both for work and leisure.

"With the Yadea G5 S I can easily cover longer distances. The range of 160 km and the speed of 45 km/h are ideal for me as I often commute between different parts of the city. The scooter is robust and has a great design. I was particularly impressed by the 7-inch display, which shows all the important information. The USB charging socket is also a practical feature that I use frequently. The G5 S is a great investment and has improved my commute considerably."

Experience report 4: Sarah P. from near Bonn

Sarah, 25 years old, has been riding the Yadea C1S for three months and is enthusiastic about the flexibility the e-scooter offers.

"The Yadea C1S has changed my life. I can park it anywhere and the removable battery makes charging super convenient. The double suspension ensures a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. I use the scooter not only for my commute, but also for spontaneous trips into nature. The environmental friendliness and low running costs have finally convinced me. I recommend everyone who lives in the city to try an e-scooter."

Experience report 5: Thomas H. from near Freiburg

Thomas is 30 years old and after much deliberation decided on the Yadea G5.

"I thought for a long time about whether an e-scooter was right for me, but the Yadea G5 completely convinced me. The workmanship and performance are excellent. The scooter is very quiet and yet powerful. I have made my 10 km commute in the city much less stressful with the scooter. The ability to easily remove and charge the battery is also a big plus. I am very satisfied and can recommend the G5 to anyone looking for an environmentally friendly alternative."

These reports show how diverse the use of e-scooters can be in everyday life. Not only do they offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of transport, they also improve the quality of life through less stress and more flexibility. If you are curious, visit our online shop and discover the different models that can enrich your everyday life.

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