Electric scooter leasing for companies and employees


Rediscover mobility with our e-scooters in the Job Roller leasing offer

As a committed manufacturer of premium electric scooters, we are pleased to announce that our models are now also available through Job Roller - the leading leasing service for sustainable mobility. This program allows companies to lease our electric scooters on attractive terms and make them available to their employees for an environmentally friendly ride to and from work.

Benefits for companies:

  • Cost efficiency: Reduce mobility costs through favorable leasing rates and tax advantages.
  • Sustainability: Underline your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Employee satisfaction: Offer your employees a flexible, convenient and environmentally friendly transport solution.

Benefits for employees:

  • Easy to use: No down payment; affordable monthly installments.
  • Flexibility: Use the scooter for your commute and for private use.
  • Maintenance included: Full service and maintenance to ensure you are always safe on the road.

We at SXT SCOOTERS are proud to support this innovative mobility concept in partnership with Job Roller.

jobroller explanatory video