Comparison of e-scooters: Yadea G5S vs. Yadea T9L

Vergleich der E-Roller: Yadea G5S vs. Yadea T9L

The electric scooter market is growing steadily, and the Yadea G5S and Yadea T9L models are among the best options. Both e-scooters offer modern technology and powerful features, but they differ in some key ways. In this post, I will compare the two models and highlight their respective advantages to help you make your decision.

Yadea G5S – The all-rounder among e-scooters

Powerful 4100W mid-engine

The Yadea G5S is equipped with a central mid-engine that offers an impressive maximum power of 4100 W. This configuration ensures an efficient and powerful ride with a top speed of up to 80 km/h. The great advantage of a mid-engine is its high efficiency and the optimal torque of 130 Nm, which enables dynamic acceleration.

Long range and high-quality batteries

Equipped with two 72V, 20Ah lithium-ion batteries, the G5S has a range of up to 120 km. These batteries use Panasonic 18650 cells, which are also used in the Tesla Model S, and thus provide a reliable and long-lasting energy source.

Robust construction and comfort

The frame of the G5S is made of cold-rolled steel, which is extremely durable. The double-sprung front fork and rear swing arm made of aluminum ensure a smooth ride even on uneven roads. Despite the robust construction, the scooter offers a high level of driving comfort, supported by the large 12-inch wheels and the 220 mm fully hydraulic disc brakes.

Smart functions and security features

The Yadea G5S is equipped with a 7-inch VA LCD high-contrast display that shows all important driving data. The scooter also has an alarm system and an immobilizer that can be activated via radio remote control. A USB charging port allows mobile devices to be charged while driving.

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Yadea T9L – The sporty e-moped

Powerful 3000W hub motor

The Yadea T9L uses a 3000W hub motor that reaches a top speed of 45 km/h. This motor is particularly suitable for urban use as it offers solid performance and an impressive range of up to 110 km.

Sporty and ergonomic design

The T9L impresses with its sporty design with futuristic LED lights and sharp lines. This e-moped is a real eye-catcher on the road and also offers an ergonomic seating position with a seat length of 630 mm and a pedal length of 330 mm, which ensure a high level of comfort.

Excellent control and comfort

Equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers and enlarged disc brakes at the front and rear, the T9L ensures excellent control and shortened braking distances. The 12-inch wheels also contribute to stable roadholding.

Intelligent features and user-friendliness

The Yadea T9L features a smart multi-function button that allows you to easily lock, unlock and start the scooter. A USB charging port provides additional convenience, and the high-resolution LCD display shows all important information clearly.

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Differences and advantages of the two models

Engine and performance

  • Yadea G5S : 4100W mid-engine, top speed 80 km/h, maximum torque 130 Nm.
  • Yadea T9L : 3000W hub motor, top speed 45 km/h, solid performance for urban use.

Range and battery

  • Yadea G5S : Up to 120 km range with two 72V, 20Ah lithium-ion batteries.
  • Yadea T9L : Up to 110 km range with a 72V, 20Ah lithium-ion battery.

Design and comfort

  • Yadea G5S : Robust steel frame, double suspension front and rear, large 7-inch display, higher driving comfort.
  • Yadea T9L : Sporty design, ergonomic seating position, hydraulic shock absorbers, enlarged disc brakes.

Smart functions

  • Yadea G5S : alarm system, immobilizer, USB charging port, keyless go.
  • Yadea T9L : multifunction button, USB charging port, high-resolution LCD display.


Both electric scooters, the Yadea G5S and the Yadea T9L, offer impressive features and benefits. The G5S is ideal for you if you are looking for higher speed and range as well as advanced safety features. The T9L, on the other hand, scores with its sporty design and user-friendly features that are particularly beneficial in urban environments. Depending on your individual requirements and preferences, each of these e-scooters offers an excellent choice for modern and environmentally friendly mobility.

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