Powerful e-scooter with 600W motor and 70 km range

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Color: Blue
battery pack: Hero 13Ah (up to 58 km range)


Max. speed




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Urban mobility redefined with e-scooters

Elegant and strong electric scooter with aluminum frame

The e-scooter offers a comfortable ride with a load capacity of up to 120 kg and a weight of just 21.5 kg. The high-quality aluminum frame makes it as light as a feather and at the same time robust.

Powerful 600W motor for fast acceleration

Equipped with a powerful 600W motor that reaches peaks of up to 1100W, the electric scooter enables rapid acceleration and reaches speeds of up to 48 km/h.

Optimal traction with 10-inch pneumatic tires

The e-scooter's 10-inch pneumatic tires provide optimal traction on various surfaces, which contributes to a safe and stable ride.

Safety through drum brakes

Drum brakes ensure the safety of the electric scooter by braking reliably and efficiently, even at high speeds.

Range of up to 70 km thanks to powerful battery

The e-scooter's battery guarantees an impressive range of up to 70 km, ideal for longer distances in the city.

Practical folding system for everyday urban life

Thanks to the practical folding system, the e-scooter is easy to transport and the perfect companion for everyday urban life.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH):

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH):

Ground clearance in cm:

Seat height in cm:

Wheelbase in cm:

Handlebar height in cm:

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches):

Weight (including battery / in kg):

maximum load in kg:

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Note on use

ATTENTION!!! The model is not approved under the StVZO and is also NOT a small electric vehicle in the sense of the eKFV.