Next 7i E-Scooter

High performance, long range and modern features for technology-savvy drivers.

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  • 1500W motor: high performance and efficiency.
  • 70 km range: Long journeys without frequent charging.
  • Fast charging battery: fully charged in 6 hours.
  • Safety features: disc brakes, LED lighting, IP65.
  • Modern features: USB charging socket, Bluetooth, alarm system.

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Color: Red glossy

45 km/h

Max. speed

70 km



Engine power

SXT Scooters

Next 7i E-Scooter

Your solution for urban mobility

Experience urban mobility in a new way with the Next 7i e-scooter. With a powerful 1500W motor and an impressive range of up to 70 km, you can master your daily errands and leisure activities effortlessly. Modern features such as a USB charging socket, Bluetooth and alarm system make your everyday life more comfortable and safer. The electric scooter combines performance and technology in an impressive way.

More freedom and flexibility

Reach your destination faster and more efficiently thanks to the high engine power of the e-moped. The long range means fewer charging breaks and more freedom to plan your day flexibly. With the quick-charge function, the electric scooter is ready for use again in just 6 hours, so you never have to be without your faithful companion for long.

Well thought-out design for maximum safety

The Next 7i e-scooter is not only powerful, but also intelligently designed. The robust construction and hydraulic disc brakes ensure maximum safety. The IP65 protection class ensures that you are safe on the road in any weather. Modern features such as Bluetooth allow you to listen to music or charge your phone on the go, making your ride even more enjoyable.

Your perfect everyday companion

Whether for the daily commute, shopping in the city or relaxing hours in the park - the Next 7i e-scooter is the perfect choice for technology-savvy drivers who value performance, comfort and sustainability. Increase your mobility and enjoy the freedom that this electric scooter offers you.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH):

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH): 165x68x106

Ground clearance in cm:

Seat height in cm:

Wheelbase in cm:

Handlebar height in cm:

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches):

Weight (including battery / in kg): 68.0

maximum load in kg: 150


As a committed manufacturer of premium electric scooters, we are pleased to announce that our models are now also available through jobroller - the leading leasing service for sustainable mobility. This program enables companies to lease our electric scooters on attractive terms and make them available to their employees for an environmentally friendly ride to and from work.

Benefits for companies:

  • Cost efficiency: Reduce mobility costs through favorable leasing rates and tax advantages.
  • Sustainability: Underline your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Employee satisfaction: Offer your employees a flexible, convenient and environmentally friendly transport solution.

Benefits for employees:

  • Easy to use: No down payment; affordable monthly installments.
  • Flexibility: Use the scooter for your commute and for private use.
  • Maintenance included: Full service and maintenance to ensure you are always safe on the road.

We at SXT-Scooters are proud to support this innovative mobility concept in partnership with jobroller. For more information on the available models and how your company can benefit from this offer, please visit our special information page.

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Note on use

The scooter model is approved throughout Europe under the STVZO. A driving license is required in Germany - from 16 years of age with a class A1, AM driving license; from 18 years of age with any class 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C driving license. If you are purchasing outside of Germany, please check the regulations in your country regarding any driving license requirement.