Light Plus V eKFV

Advantages of e-scooters in the eKFV version

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  • Manufacturer's warranty 3 years on battery and motor
  • 3 Braking systems
  • Delivery including general operating permit (ABE)
  • Max. speed 20 km/h
  • Complies with the "eKFV" standard

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With this free add-on, we offer you an inspection in our service workshop once a year at no extra cost. This applies for the first two years after purchase. In addition, we give you a 3-year guarantee on the battery and motor.

Color: black Matt

20 km/h

Max. speed

40 km


720 W

Engine power

SXT Scooters

Light Plus V eKFV

The SXT Light Plus V in the eKFV version: An overview

The SXT Light Plus V in the eKFV version corresponds to the basic technical details as well as the maximum speed and the type testing carried out with the basic model SXT Light Plus V. We have clearly listed the biggest differences below.

Differences between the eKFV model and the standard model

  • Certified lighting system front and rear
  • Maximum speed of 20 km/h
  • Delivery including general operating permit (ABE)
  • Rear license plate holder

Additional features of the SXT Light Plus V eKFV

The SXT Light Plus V eKFV also has a drum brake on the rear axle. The battery built into the footboard delivers 10.5 Ah of energy (378 Wh) at an operating voltage of 36V and consists of high-quality Samsung 18650 cells. The battery is fully charged in around 3 hours. This model meets all the requirements to become your new daily companion - be it the enormous range of up to 40 km, the powerful 500W hub motor or the compact dimensions when the electric scooter is folded up and stowed in the trunk or under the train seat.

Driving comfort and handling of the electric scooter

The SXT Light Plus V eKFV has suspension at both the front and rear, which contributes to a smooth ride. The e-scooter is fitted with pressureless 8-inch rubber tires and also has a comfortable side stand.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 94x38x116

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH): 94.5x13.5x30

Ground clearance in cm: 9

Seat height in cm:

Wheelbase in cm: 82

Handlebar height in cm: 92 / 106 / 114

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches): 8

Weight (including battery / in kg): 12.7

maximum load in kg: 125

Customer reviews about Light Plus V eKFV

Note on use

Attention! Minimum age 14 years - no helmet requirement, no driving license requirement. Note for customers from Switzerland and Austria: This scooter model also falls within the values ​​prescribed by law in these two countries, ie it can also be used legally on the road there (in this case no registration is required).