Powerful e-scooter for off-road adventures

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  • 3,000 watts power
  • Off-road capable
  • removable battery
  • 3 battery variants up to the powerful 30Ah lithium-ion
  • robust chain drive

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battery pack: Lead-gel battery

60 km/h

Max. speed

55 km


3000 W

Engine power

SXT Scooters


Powerful e-scooter for off-road adventures

Large balloon tires and robust steel frame

The e-scooter is equipped with large balloon tires, making it ideal for off-road tours. The high-strength steel frame offers space for a 48V 12Ah lead-acid battery, which can optionally be replaced by a lithium battery with 20 or 30Ah capacity to significantly increase the range.

Powerful brushless electric scooter motor

The electric scooter is powered by a brushless 3000 watt motor that transmits its power to the rear axle via a chain. Suspension is provided by two shock absorbers at the front and two at the rear. The handlebars, inspired by mountain bikes, are optimized in width and position and are ultra-stable. The twist throttle is on the right of the handlebar, and the controls for the lights and rear indicators are on the left. The brake levers, which precisely control the hydraulic brake calipers, are also attached to the left and right of the handlebars.

High speed and climbing ability

The brushless motor accelerates the e-scooter to around 60 km/h in the 3000 W version and at the same time offers excellent climbing ability. This remains effortlessly controllable thanks to the ergonomically shaped and stable saddle and the comfortable seating position. Another highlight is the large wooden footboard made of bamboo with high-quality lettering, under which the battery and control unit are housed.

Flexible range and charging times

The range of the electric scooter varies depending on the battery:

  • 12Ah lead battery: up to 20 km, charging time 6-8 hours
  • 20Ah LiFePo lithium battery: up to 38 km, charging time 8-10 hours
  • 30Ah Li-Ion battery: up to 55 km, charging time 5-6 hours with 5A fast charger

The weight of the e-scooter is approx. 55 kg with lead batteries and approx. 47 kg with lithium batteries, with a maximum load of 140 kg.

LED lighting and adaptability

The lighting system consists of two LED spotlights at the front and an LED rear light with indicators, which are mounted under the saddle. The stylish rear light also has a brake light. The seat and handlebars are height-adjustable, so that the electric scooter can be individually and continuously adjusted to different body sizes. The saddle is removable, and the lower part of the seat post can also be removed by loosening three screws. The handlebar can be folded down to about half height to save space when storing the vehicle.

Improvements to the e-scooter in the 2019 model update

The current 2019 model of the electric scooter offers several improvements compared to its predecessor:

  • Rearview mirrors are now included
  • The scooter has a chain guard and mudguards at the front and rear
  • New is the possibility to throttle to 20 km/h maximum speed (30 km/h for the 3000 W version)

This powerful e-scooter is suitable for both everyday use and adventurous off-road tours.

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Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 135x64x99

Dimensions folded in cm (LxWxH): 135x35x57

Ground clearance in cm: 16

Seat height in cm: 80

Wheelbase in cm: 102

Handlebar height in cm: 93 - 99

Handlebar height adjustable:

Tire size (in inches): 6

Weight (including battery / in kg):

maximum load in kg: 140

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Note on use

ATTENTION!!! The SXT Monster model is primarily intended for off-road use and is designed for driving on unpaved surfaces and is not approved for use under the StVZO!!!